6mm ENPlus A1 Wood Fuel Pellets

  • 6mm ENPlus A1 Wood Fuel Pellets
  • High Quality, Low dust and preform brilliantly in pellet boilers.
  • High quality and consistency
  • Superb value for money
  • BSL Registered
  • Suitable for Pellet Pizza Ovens and Pellet BBQ’s
  • 100% Sustainable


6mm ENPlus Wood Pellets

6mm ENPlus Wood Pellets A1 For Sale. Premium Pine Wood Pellets suitable for use as fuel in Biomass Boilers. These pellets are light in color and super absorbent so can also be used for high quality horse bedding & cat litter.


ProductENPLUS A1 Wood Pellet
TypePine wood ENPLUS A1 pellets


6mm ENPlus Wood Pellets A1 certified and A1 parameters: Pellets de category EN plus A1: they have their origin only in residues of virgin wood not

chemically treated, and shaft wood pellets without including bark.

Diameter6mmISO 17829
Length3.15 to 40 mm *ISO 17829
Moisture≤ 10%ISO 18134
Mechanical Durability≥ 97.5%ISO 17831-1
Fines (< 3.15mm)≤ 1.0 (≤ 0.5)ISO 18846
Temperature pellets≤ 40.0 ̊C
Net Calorific value≥ 4.6 KWh/kgISO 18125
Bulk Density600 to 750 kg/mISO 17828
Additives≤ 2.0%-6mm ENPlus Wood Pellets
Nitrogen≤ 0.3%ISO 16948
Sulfur≤ 0.04%ISO 16994
Chlorine≤ 0.02%ISO 16994
Ash deformation


≥ 1200 ̊CCENT/TC 15370-1
Ash≤ 0.7%ISO 18122

(*) Maximum 1% of the pellets longer than 40mm, max. length 45mm


Major advantages when using 6mm ENplus wood pellets:

  • Crisis-resistant: local fuel
  • Short transport routes
  • Simple storage: either by pellet-bags or pellet fuel trucks
  • Dust-free wood and odourless refilling
  • Low space-requirements for storage
  • Efficient and eco-friendly pellet boilers

Wood Pellets are the best form of heating, compared to fossil fuel or electricity/heat pumps.



Bulk 6mm ENPlus Wood Pellets A1 are a premium quality wood pellets manufactured to a high standard, we offer these pellets for sale under our partner BSL certification who are compliant for the government RHI scheme.

  • 6 mm premium quality wood pellet fuel
  • Clean burning
  • Derived from 100% pine Virgin wood fibre
  • Made from sustainable forestry
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Ultra low carbon emissions


We are offering pine wood chips and 6mm and 8mm Wood pellets DIN EN PLUS A1 packed in 15kg bags and 1000kg big bags or bulk. Volume up to 30,000 Tons per month. We can offer the pellets delivered to your place or near port anywhere in Europe or Middle East.

Contact us today for a quotation. Please include your location and volume required.



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