Almond Nuts Wholesale

Extra No. 1 is the highest quality almond nut grade. This grade has less than 5% chips and scratches and less than 1% split and broken almonds.


Almond Nuts Wholesale. Almonds are sorted into 4 grades. These grades measure the quality of the almond in terms of chips and scratches, amount of foreign material, and splits and broken almonds. The four grades of almonds are Extra No. 1, No. 1 Supreme, Select Sheller Run, and U.S. Standard Sheller Run. Almonds are also manufactured into 6 types of Almonds. These processed almonds are produced in two ways, blanched and natural. Blanched almonds are manufactured almonds with the skins removed.

Almonds are sorted based on the number of almond kernels per ounce.

18/20The largest almond size. This size yields 18-20 almonds per ounce.
20/22The second largest size of almonds. This size yields 20-22 almonds per ounce.
23/25Slightly smaller than the 20/22 sized almonds. This size yields between 23-25 almonds per ounce.
25/27Yields 25-27 almonds per ounce. Almond Nuts Wholesale.
27/30Smaller than the 25/27 sized almonds. This size yields 27-30 almonds per ounce.
30/32Yields between 30-32 almonds per ounce.
32/34The seventh largest sized almond. This size yields 32-34 almonds per ounce.
34/36Yields 34-36 almonds per ounce.
36/40This is generally the smallest sized almond. Yields between 36-40 almonds per ounce.
Sizing: Processed Almonds
Blanched WholeThe skin of the almond is removed. These almonds are usually manufactured no smaller than a 25/27 size.
Blanched SlicedThe skin of the almond is removed. These manufactured almonds are cut into thin, regular and thick slices.
Sliced NaturalThe same as above, except skins remain on almonds. Almond Nuts Wholesale.
Blanched SliveredThe skin of the almond is removed. Made from blanched whole almond nuts, the kernel is cut so as to produce uniform “slivers”.
Diced BlanchedA processed almond diced into small pieces. As with all blanched almonds, the skin is removed. Diced Natural A processed almond diced into small pieces.
Extra No. 1Extra No. 1 is the highest quality almond grade. This grade has less than 5% chips and scratches and less than 1% split and broken almonds. The amount of foreign material constitutes less than .05%. Almond Nuts Wholesale.
No. 1 SupremeNo. 1 Supreme is the second grade of almonds. As with the Extra No. 1, No. 1 Supreme has less than 1% split and broken almonds and .05% foreign material. This grade has less than 10% chips and scratches.
U.S. Select Sheller Run (SSR)U.S. Select Sheller Run is the third highest grade of almonds. This grade allows no more than 20% chips and scratches and 5% split and broken almonds. Select Sheller Run has less than 1% foreign material.
U.S. Standard Sheller RunU.S. Standard Sheller Run is the fourth grade of almond nuts. This grade has less than 35% chips and scratches and 15% split and broken almonds. Foreign material is less than 2%.

Packing: 10kgs/carton,1000kgs/bundle ,20Mts/20FCL container with pallet /Gift Packing/Vacuum Pack/ Carton/ As Request.
Delivery time:Within 2-4 weeks after received the pre-payment. Almond Nuts Wholesale.

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