Buy Ambergris High Quality

Buy Ambergris High Quality. The purchase price is USD$20-27.00 per gram. We offer 3 grades of ambergris: black, brown or white.


Buy Ambergris High Quality

Buy Ambergris High Quality. We offer 3 grades of ambergris; black, brown or white.

White ambergris is regarded as the highest grade, making it the most expensive. It possesses the most well-rounded, delicately soft, sweet, marine scent (a different league from its brown and black counterparts). Just as a well-aged red wine reaches its maximum potential when left to mature, ambergris which has been left (unfound) to ‘cure’ for many years will often present itself as a dusty bright white piece.

Brown ambergris is the most versatile of the 3 grades when it comes to all-round use. Perfect for a first-time perfumer as it can possess many of the qualities valuable in both black and white ambergris. We would recommend brown ambergris if you are less familiar with this material and are just starting out. Brown ambergris is distinct for its woodier, tobacco notes. Buy Ambergris High Quality.

Black ambergris is regarded as the lowest grade. Black ambergris can be useful if someone is looking to experiment, to see if its qualities could work in the formulating of a product (perfume, aromatherapy oil etc). Black ambergris is renowned for its pungent strong smell – which is much more faecal than brown or white ambergris; this is it in its most primitive form and can sometime be soft in texture.

Buy Ambergris High Quality Prices per 1g (All samples under 10 grams are made up of small 1–3-gram pieces unless otherwise instructed. *MINIMUM PURCHASE 3 GRAMS*)

White / Grey = $28

Brown = $25

Black = $20

All ambergris sold by JMK Grupo has been ethically sourced and collected from beaches.

The prices displayed on this page represent our retail sample costs, not our buying costs.

Feel free to contact us we normally respond within 2 hours. If you are a seller or think you have found ambergris please use the sellers form.

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