Fir Wood Pellets Enplus A1

Weight2000 lbs
Type100% Fir Softwood
Pallet Size50 x 40lb. bags
Ash Content0.14% 2.8 lbs. per ton
BTU per lb8793
Pallet ItemYes


Fir Wood Pellets Enplus A1

Fir Wood Pellets Enplus A1 for sale. 100% Fir Super premium wood pellets are possibly the best wood pellets in the market.

The limit values ​​for premium quality wood pellets and compliance with them are determined by the international, independent certification scheme” ENplus®️ A1″, established in Germany in 2011, and since then the certification has developed very widely throughout Europe. The ENplus®️ certificate is applied to the entire supply chain of wood pellets, from production to delivery to the end customer, thus ensuring that the pellets meet quality standards and the transparency of the product chain.

The compliance of the Fir Wood Pellets Enplus A1 and A2” quality certificate ensures that the purchased product is of high quality, produced using only renewable resources obtained in a more environmentally friendly, sustainable way.



UnitLimit values ENplus®️ A1
Diametermm6 ± 1 vai 8 ± 1

Length 3,15 < L ≤ 40

mm> 98,5* / > 98



Ash content

Wood Pellets En plus A1

w-%≤ 0,7

Mechanical durability

w-%≥ 98,0

Subtleties (< 3,15 mm)

w-%≤ 0,5

Net calorific value

Bulk densitykg/m600≤BD≤750

Fir Wood Pellets Enplus A1 are shipped in bulk and locally bagged to reduce fines and wear and tear on the bags.  Ash content is about 2.8 lbs. per ton with a BTU content of 8793 BTU/lb.  Pallets contain 50 – 40lb. bags.  Price is per pallet.

Packing (Truck)


15kg bags as per customers choice with desired logo.1 pallet = 66 bags (990 kg)1 truck = 24 pallets
Packing (Container)                                          1000KG bags

 28 Tons per 40ft Container

Fir Wood Pellets Enplus A1 have many benefits:

  • They are long lasting.
  • They burn at incredibly high temperatures (9000 BTU Output)
  • They are 100% natural and leave minimal carbon footprint.
  • They are energy efficient.
  • They create virtually zero ash.

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