ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar

White Refined Sugar Icumsa 45
Packing: 25KG/50 Kg PP Bag
Origin: Brazil
Price: $360 To $580 USD per Metric Ton


ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar

ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar is a most Highly Refined form of Sugar. ICUMSA-45 Sugar has a Sparkling White Color and is the type most often sold direct to Consumers. It is suitable for Human Consumption and use in a wide range of Food applications. It is perpetually in High demand as it is the safest form of Sugar, due to the fact that the refining process by which it is created removes the Bacteria and Contaminants often present in raw sugars.

Specifications of ICUMSA-45 White Refined Sugar of Brazil Origin are mentioned below:

Specifications of White REFINED SUGAR – ICUMSA 45

ICUMSA45 RBU ICUMSA Attenuation index units Method # 10-1978
Ash content0.04% Maximum by Weight
Moisture0.04% Maximum by Weight
Magnetic Particlesmg/kg 4
Solubility100% DRY & Free Flowing
GranulationFine Standard
Polarization99.80° Minimum
Max AS1 P.P.M.
Max OS2 P.P.M.
Max CU3 P.P.M.
ColourSparkling White
RadiationNormal w/o presence of cesium or iodine SO2: Certified
SubstanceSolid, Crystal
SmellFree of any Smell
CropRecent Crop


Product valid for 24 months, since it is stored in a dry and cool place, far from chemical products or

strange odors, without brusque variations of temperature and relative air humidity of up to 60%.


a) 50 kg polypropylene bags with inner liner;

b) 25 kg kraft paper bags with inner liner;

c) 1000 kg containers with inner liner.

Our ICUMSA 45 White Refined Sugar is imported or exported directly from sugar mills and refineries throughout the world. Romania is a vital exporter of Brazilian sugar icumsa 45 and our strategic location gives us the advantage to monitor the loading and logistic process.? Our collaboration with many top-level refineries give us the possibility to compare prices and offer you our best deals.

About Us: We export a wide range of sugar types from your daily Brazilian white icumsa 45 sugar to a variety of raw sugars for industrial uses. Buy Brazillian sugar – IC 45, 150, 200-600, 600-1200, Raw Turbinado. We have full authorization and licenses to trade with all ICUMSA variants worldwide including GACC for China, controlling the shares of dozen Sugar Refiniries and Mills throughout Brazil. You can also buy refined corn oil , refined soybean oil and Monster energy drink 250ml from us.



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