Pine Wood Chips

The Wood chips is produced on site all from virgin round timber/logs which are all FSC assured. To assure quality wood chip, all chip is dried on a purpose built drying floor resulting in chip with a moisture content between 18- 30% moisture, ideal for efficient running biomass boilers.


Pine Wood Chips

Pine Wood Chips For Sale. For quality Wood Chips at competitive prices, we can provide a first-class wood chip service that won’t let you down. Using only ‘premium’ wood chip from virgin round timber logs, all our wood chip is dried on a purpose built drying floor, ensuring it is ideally suited for efficient biomass boilers.

Are you looking for Wood Chips For SaleWe offer only the very best wood chips for sale throughout the North West. Catering for the public sector, our quality product goes through a rigorous drying process to produce exceptional wood chip for wood fueled heating systems.

Ethically sourced wood

We are 100% clear about how we source and treat our wood. We work with major manufacturers to deliver this sustainable fuel to our customers. That means that woodchip have no negative impact on the environment. Pine Wood Chips For Sale.

Standards for wood chip and 6mm ENplus wood pellets fuel are used to describe the particle size characteristics and the moisture content of the chips, but they can also describe variables such as ash content, limits for contamination, calorific value and bulk density.

The official quality standard is BS EN ISO 17225-1.

Under this standard, particle size distribution is described with the ‘P’ prefix (P16b, P45 etc) and moisture content with the ‘M’ Prefix (M25, M30 etc).

Note that there is no difference in the standards for naturally or mechanically dried Using Wood Chips as Mulch: FAQs – Independent Tree, it will just be easier for producers of mechanically dried chip to produce lower moisture chip and to ensure a consistent moisture content, as the finished product does not rely upon natural seasoning and the variability of weather and climate.

Particle Sizes

Main Fraction (min 75% by weight)Fines Fraction (% by weight smaller than 3.15 mm)Coarse Fraction (% by weight)Max particle length/ Max cross sectional area
P16A3.15 mm – 16 mmLess than 12%Less than 3% over 16 mm31.5 mm / 1.0 cm2
P16B3.15 – 16 mm<12<3% over 45 mm120 mm / 1.0 cm2
P45A8 – 45 mm<8<6% over 63 mm120 mm / 5.0 cm2
P45B8 – 45 mm<8<6% over 63 mm350 mm / 5.0 cm2
P638 – 63 mm<6<6% over 100 mm350 mm / 10.0 cm2
P10016 – 100 mm<4<6% over 200 mm350 mm / 18.0 cm2

The sizes given relate to the sieve hole diameter.

Pine Wood Chips Moisture Content

Moisture content – wet basis i.e.  mass of water as a percentage of the wet weight
M15Less than or equal to10%
Then in 5% increments up to 55%

Pine Wood Chips Ash

Ash content, weight as a percentage of the dry weight
A0.5Less than or equal to 0.5%
A10.0+Over 10%

Heating eco-friendly with wood pellets

Heating with pellets is regarded as particularly eco-friendly, cheap and efficient – thanks to the first-class energy- and fuel values. Also the storage of the pellets is usually much more easier than with wood logs or wood chips, for example. Buy Forman Cigarettes Wholesale.

Our innovative pellet boilers ensure a CO2 neutral heating of every living space – much cheaper than with oil or gas. Thanks to their numerous benefits, pellet boilers are one of the most popular options among common biomass heaters. Pine Wood Chips For Sale.

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