Wholesale Turkish Durum Pasta

Premium Quality Imported From Turkey Penne Pasta
-8 x 16oz (1Lb) Packages, Halal & Kosher (OU)
-100% Durum Wheat Semolina
-Short, Tube-Shaped Pasta to Hold More Sauce. Pairs Well with Meat, Vegetables, Or Pasta Salads



Best Price:
500 gr x 20 packs
450 gr x 20 packs
400 gr x 20 packs
300 gr x 40 packs
250 gr x 40 packs
200 gr x 40 packs
1 kg x 10 packs
5 kg x 2 packs



Shell Life: 18 – 24 Months



Text on Can: English / Italian / German / French / Arabic



Quick Facts:
Turkish Pasta with Numbers
Quality Pasta
Developing Pasta Industry
Competitive Pricing
From Türkiye to Everywhere


Wholesale Turkish Durum Pasta

Wholesale Turkish Durum Pasta. We are the main distributors and wholesalers of all types of Spaghettis, Pasta, Macaroni, Noodles, durum wheat pasta, etc, from Italy and Turkey. Available in and Ready for international shipping with the best-offered price.


As an official supplier with the exclusive rights to distribute, our products are 100% guaranteed as original. Available at market-leading prices, our clients can avail from us different forms of this spaghetti and Turkish durum wheat pasta as per their specific requirements. We can export to every part of the world. Barilla Pasta Spaghetti Wholesale.


As Professionals our Company is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and price, putting our customers first and satisfying their wants and demands with the quality of the goods of our product. Wholesale Turkish Durum Pasta.


We distribute the various brands like Spaghetti, Elbow, Big Shell, Small Shell, Fusilli, Farfalle, Farfalle Tonde, Linguine, Ankar, Filiz, Dogan, Rigatoni, Ditalini, Ditali, Pipe Rigate, Sedani Rigati, Penne Rigate, Sedanini Rigati, Risoni (Barley), Filini (Vermicelli), Stelline (Star), Cavatappi (Helezon, Charleston), Tagliatelle (Noddle), Couscous, Bucatini, Fettucine, Gnocchi, Wagon Wheel (Rotelle), Creste etc. Wholesale Quality Spaghetti Pasta.


Durum wheat which grows on the fertile lands of Anatolia, by uniting with the advanced technology, makes difference with the name, taste, and workable prices of GOODIE.


Taste is coming from nature hard durum wheat semolina.


                             Additional Product Information about Turkish Durum Wheat Pasta:

We normally load SPAGHETTI in consumer packs as below;

5kg x 2 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 27 MT pasta. It means 2.700 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words, 5.400 packs inside the container.

500gr x 20 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 27,5 MT pasta. It means 2.750 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words, 55.000 packs inside the container.

400gr x 25 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 26,5 MT pasta. It means 2.650 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words, 66.250 packs inside the container.

300gr x 40 packs in a carton (=12 kg) box, NET 25,98 MT pasta. It means 2.165carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words, 86.600 packs inside the container. Wholesale Turkish Durum Pasta.

250gr x 40 packs in a carton (=10 kg) box, NET 26,5 MT pasta. It means 2.650 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words, 106.000 packs inside the container.

200 gr x 40 packs in a carton (=8 kg) box, NET 24,8 MT pasta. It means 3100 carton boxes in a 20 FCL, in other words, 124.000 packs inside the container.

Barilla spaghetti & pasta assortments manufactured by the Turkish Barilla factory.
Best Quality Turkish Durum Wheat
Pasta is owned by the Italian number one brand.
Ingredients: %100 Durum wheat semolina


Cooking recommendation:

Add pasta to boiling salted water. We recommend 1 liter of water and 7g of salt for every 100g of pasta. Boil for 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. For more tender pasta, boil for an additional minute. Drain well and serve immediately with your sauces. Wholesale Turkish Durum Pasta.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to help our customers.



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