Refined Sunflower Oil Analysis Report

Refined Sunflower Oil Analysis Report

Refined Sunflower Oil Analysis Report. High oleic sunflower oil provides some benefits for heart health.

Conform to

Turkish Standard TS 886, Ukrainian Standard DSTU 4492:2005, European Norm CEN/TC 307 or Standard of production country, and
International Standard Organization ISO/TC 34/SC11, International Food Standards of United Nations
and FAO Codex Alimentarius CODEX STAN 210-1999 Standard for Named Vegetable Oils.

(Physical and Chemical Analysis Values may vary within reference values of related standard.)

 Visibility (40oC)ClearClear OK
 Taste and SmellNatural, specific to itself, no smell       OK
 Density (g at 20oC Water)0.914 – 0.9250,919 OK
 Refractive Index (at 40oC)1.461 – 1.4681,465 OK
 Saponification Value (mg KOH/g Oil)188 – 194191 OK
 lodine Value118 – 141130 OK
 Unsaponifiable Matters (g/kg)<1512 OK
 Moisture and Volatile Matter (105oC)Max. 0,040 OK
 Insoluble ImpuritiesMax. 0,50 OK
 Soap Content (% mm)Max. 0,0050 OK
 Peroxide Value (meq g O2/kg oil)Max. 102 OK
 Colour (51/4 Lovibond)Max. 3,5 Red / 30 Yellow2 R / 20 Y OK
 Clear from Foreign Materials (Halphen Test)NegativeNegative OK
 Free Fatty AcidityMax. 0,30,07 OK

Refined Sunflower Oil Analysis Report Confirmed at Factory Laboratory, on date of Tuesday, January 7, 2022